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  • Welcome to the wonderful world of DanMurphy.com. Home of everything you could want from the Web, especially if you're interested in:
  • A 14 day visit to Wales and the home of the Corgi, Cardiganshire and Pembrookshire
  • the story of Chaps Pleasant Kirby, and his tumultous journey from young puppy to AKC Champion
  • instructions and rules for playing the game of herding dogs everywhere, SHEEP
  • observations about dealing with two dogs with dominance issues, and their road to the doggie psychologist
  • illustrations by renowned artist Trevor Murphy
  • Some photos of the Porsche 912 Coupe restoration project.
  • the Murphy family's xmas newsletter (Mostly the truth, but spiced up with exaggerations and flat-out lies to keep things interesting)
  • constructing and populating a greenhouse for orchids

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